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Adventure Number Eight.

The plan for this adventure is to visit The Netherlands to visit a friend, drive through Germany visiting (at least) Hanover and Berlin before going into Poland.

Instead of the “Where are we now” link the map above shows our present location.

Weeks 13 & 14 - Heading home

IMG 5233

Another Brandenburg Gate! - this one is in Potsdam

It’s always sad when an adventure is coming to a close and you have to turn for home . . .read more HERE

Updated 3rd September 2017

Week 12 - and we thought we had it bad.

IMG 5230

The Baltic Sea

Travelling from Malbork to the Baltic coast we realised how easily we escaped the storm last week. Others were not so lucky . . . read HERE

Updated Wednesday 30th August 2017

Week 11 - We’re Going On Holiday!

IMG 5091.jpg

A holiday in Warsaw

This week we decided to go on holiday, a couple of days in a Warsaw hotel . . . read more

Updated Sunday 20th August 2017

Week 10 - Going North

IMG 5036.jpg

The Benadictine Abbey of the Holy Cross

We have taken the caravan as far east as we intend on this trip and have now turned north. Read more . . . HERE

Updated Friday 11th August 2017

Weeks 8 & 9 - Hanging Out in Krakow

IMG 5024.jpg

Dunajec River Rafting

We have been on some organised tours in these weeks, a first for us, to see how we got on . . . read here.

Updated Wednesday 2nd August  2017

Week 7 - Still not Moved!

IMG 4793.jpg

Ksiaz Castle

To find out why we have not moved . . .read here

Updated Sunday 23rd July 2017.

Week 6 - On into Poland

IMG 4756.jpg

A Wroclaw Gnome

We have now left Germany and headied into Poland . . . read more

Week 5 – A 3500kg limit is 501kg to light!!

img 4657.jpg

We are now as far east in Germany as it is possible to get and we are preparing to go further east still . . . read more

Week 4 – A good end to a interesting week.

img 46141

Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

This week we have moved from the west to the east read more HERE.

Week 3 - On into Germany

img 44821.jpg

The distance between the knee spikes is an official Bremen measurement

Stage two of this adventure begins as we move from The Netherlands into Germany, MORE

Week 2 - Time with Dirkje

We have spent a very pleasant week in Assen with Dijkie. Read more HERE

Week 1 – Getting underway

We only seem to have been back in UK for a day or two (actually it was 35 – Editor) and we are already back in mainland Europe. Read the how’s and why’s HERE 

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